All of our partner agencies submit a comprehensive application for program funding.  After the Board of Directors review the applications, allocations are determined based on campaign funds pledged.  The following local agencies were approved for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. 


American Red Cross                                                                   $18,000

Boys & Girls Club of Pekin                                                        $76,000

Boy Scouts W.D. Boyce Council                                                $  5,196

Carol House of Hope                                                                 $21,000

Center for Prevention of Abuse                                                  $22,750

Center for Youth & Family Solutions                                        $  8,000

Christian Civic Outreach                                                           $14,000

Family Core                                                                               $11,271

Miller Senior Citizens Center                                                     $15,000

Pekin Mobile Diner                                                                   $16,362

Pekin Outreach Initiative                                                           $10,000

Prairie State Legal Aid                                                                $10,000

Salvation Army                                                                          $52,300

Shade Memorial Youth Camp                                                   $  6,000

TCRC, Inc.                                                                               $30,5000

Tazewell County Children Advocacy Center                             $10,000

YWCA of Pekin                                                                         $84,057

One Time Grants                                                                       $  1,885


Become a Partner Agency

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